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Top high fiber foods for kids your kids will love

What is Fiber

Fiber is the key element which helps our body to remove waste and toxins. It feeds the good intestinal bacteria, makes the colon bending easy, and slowly digests the food so that our stomach could stay full for some longer period which makes our blood sugar to stay stable.

Normally there are two main types of fiber soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber helps by slowing the digestion of food, so we stay without any food consumption for some longer period than usual. It also helps in preventing diabetes; it has low LDL level which reduces the cholesterol level.

On the other hand, insoluble fiber comes out as a major part of your waste, which helps in preventing constipation by making the bowel to work properly. Thus both types of fiber are very important for healthy living and should be incorporated into our daily diet. It is very important to incorporate fiber in children’s diet as it makes their stomach stay filled for a longer time with the continuous flow of energy. For toddlers 19 grams of fiber and for kids between 4 to 8 years 25 grams of fiber is recommended for daily consumption


This fruit has many healthy properties, it an excellent anti-oxidant which helps in delaying premature aging. As far as its fiber related properties are concerned it is filled with good fats which are very necessary for the growing children. Avocados have more than 7 grams of monounsaturated fat per half cup of serving which is a very important nutrient for the growing kids a half cup serving of avocado gives 5 grams of fiber which is necessary for children to consume on a daily basis. As it helps in maintain the digestive system. It should be given as a daily diet to children suffering from constipation.

Asian peers

This fruit is sweet and tasty due to which it is very easy to incorporate it children’s diet. It is light and juicy. It is full of vitamin C, fiber, and minerals. It can be consumed in the form of snacks or can be added in salads. To gain its fiber, it is important to eat it in raw form rather than having it as a drink. It can serve as dessert as well. This fruit is high in fiber due to which it is highly recommended to add it to your diet. It is a seasonal fruit but should be consumed when available. It has very low calories but makes your stomach stay filled for a long period.


Raspberries are sweet in taste and are filled with fiber, for every half cup of consumption it offers 4 grams of fiber, it has antioxidants which protect your body against cancer and other dangerous diseases. The high fiber content prevents is juicy and fibrous which provides energy to your children stops them from consuming junk at unusual times of hunger.

Flax seeds

These seeds are filled with both soluble and insoluble fiber and fulfill the need of the body for fiber. Make your kids consume more of fruits and seeds rather than sweets and junk. Children often don’t find it tasty to eat. Therefore it is recommended to add in cereals of shakes, it can also be used in the form of oil.

Black beans

Black beans also rich in fiber which makes them good for your colon. It has very content of fiber due to which it is recommended to start it intake slowly. Otherwise, it will be difficult to digest. They are also rich in protein. The combination of high fiber with proteins makes it best for energy and power.


Nuts can be incorporated into a diet in the form of snacks. They are tasty to eat and are the energy booster. They are also high in fiber. Oils extracted from nuts are also very beneficial. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which make it more favorable for growing children.

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