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Top Amazing Benefits of Music Therapy

What is music therapy?

It is the enhancement of human capabilities by the use of music influences for brain functioning. Music therapy is the health profession in which music is used for the brain relaxation, physical, cognitive and emotional needs of the individual. Music therapist provides the treatment including singing and listening to music. After assessing the strengths and abilities of clients, music therapy is given to clients to enhance the strengths and utilize the strengths in other areas of life. Music therapy also provides the communication development in the clients who cannot express themselves in words.  Through music therapy, people engage in the treatment well because of the music.

Music and the Brain

Listening and singing of music help the people for their brain developments. In the modern world, music therapist uses the music for the healing of the injured brain.  Patients who have Parkinson’s disease or the stroke can be improved by the music therapy. Singing has neurological and physical effects on the individual. It is considered as the mega-vitamin for the brain. Music therapy can find different pathways for brain functioning.  It is a useful tool for the different kind of brain damages. Healing music is a tool for the mental disorder prevention. It not just effective for the mental disorder but also effective for the Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Music stimulates the balance Centre of the brain the different chemicals. It stimulates the dopamine which deficiency causes the Parkinson’s disease.

Significant therapeutic effects

Brain waves: Strong beat can stimulate the brain waves. It sharpens the thinking capability of the individual because it requires larger concentration. Music therapy has significant effects on the health. Music can bring long lasting benefits to the brain.

 Heart rate and breathing: Changing brain waves can also affect the other body functions like heart rate and the breathing. It affects the breathing and heart rate gets lower with relaxing mind. It prevents the damaging effects of the chronic stress. Music therapy promotes the mental relaxation and the health of the body.

State of mind: Music therapy has significant effects on the state of mind. It has positive effects on the brain preventing the depression and anxiety.

Music can boost your mood

Music therapy can very positively affect the mood. Music can change the mood of the individual. People with depression can listen to the healing music. It will enhance the mood positivity. Music can make you happy when you feel sad and depressed. Soothing tunes can help the release of the serotonin chemical which helps you to be happy. It also stimulates the dopamine which can boost the mood and feel you relax. By the use of music therapy, people can relax themselves rather than the use of anti-depression medicines. Music can motivate people. Music tunes can help to be enthusiastic to people because of some goal. Songs with a positive message can motivate people for the positive goal.

Music and the Emotions

Music has strong emotional effects on the people. We listen to music according to our mood. For example, when we are happy, we listen to the upbeat songs. When we are sad, we listen to music with a slow beat. When we are angry, we encourage listening to the music with a faster beat, drum, and heavy guitars. So this music variation tends to uncover the emotions. Music therapy can change the emotions for the short period of time.

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