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Some Top home remedies for mosquito bites


The after effects of Mosquito Bites are severe, and they can make a person feel irritated and annoyed. Although the acupuncture made is so small that it is mostly not felt at the time of the bite. The symptoms which show the Mosquito bite are the skin rashes, itchiness, and swelling. Some of the severe diseases are also associated with mosquito bites, and they are dengue and malaria. There are many lotions that are applied to the skin to avoid the areas from getting affected. But still, if a person is affected he can use some of the following remedies to get relief.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is mostly used to remove the acne from the skin, and it has great results. The pain is reduced y applying this and swelling can also be avoided. It means that the healing process after mosquito bite can be boosted by the use of hazel. There is a natural chemical present in it with the name of tannin which serves as astringent. The bacteria are removed from the affected area which results in healed skin. The person just needs to mix it with some baking soda and then apply it on the affected area.

Essential Oils

Temporary relief from the mosquito bite can be achieved through the use of multiple essential oils. Mostly the oils used include cedar oil, lavender, remarry, neem, tea tree, and witch hazel. The trick can help by just adding a small amount of oil in some water and then applying on the affected area. Many lotions and mosquito repellents are also made by adding some laboratory tested essential oil. The effectiveness of lemon eucalyptus oil is well known for the use against mosquito bites. It is effective for the malaria mosquitoes so as a precaution the diluted form should be applied especially while traveling.

Neem Oil

It is another type of essential oil which is widely used against the mosquitoes. Even the use of powder made out of neem leafs can prove helpful. But it can take longer to have the effect so the most effective results can be obtained by the use of neem oil. Even the diseases like eczema and fungus can be treated by the use of neem oil. Even when people do too much scratching after getting bitten, the extract of neem oil proves effective. If a person often suffers from the problem of mosquitoes he can use this as a simple home remedy to get away with the suffering.

White Tea

The tea bags which are of no use after usage can be a great remedy for the mosquito bites. Even when the bee stings on a person, this is a remedy which is used for treatment since old times. The inflammation is reduced due to the ingredients present in white tea. Multiple other skin issues are resolved by the use of white tea. The best way is to cool the tea bags and then apply them to the affected area of the skin. The antioxidants in the tea can comfort the itching.

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