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Some Home Remedies to get Rid of Dry Skin

Dry skin

There are many different skin types; all of them come with their own problems and uniqueness. Some people have oily skin which brings along acne and unwanted oily look, some have combination skin with some parts of skin dry and others oily, some people have dry skin which is considered s one of the most problematic skin, it brings along the flaky skin and premature aging. It also requires constant moisturizing to prevent skin from over dryness.

The common skin complaint we face during winters is dryness and itchiness. The cold air during winters sucks all the moisture away from the skin making it lose all its natural oils. Many different lotions and creams are available in the market for dry skin, but they come with chemicals and heavy price tags. So it is best to use homemade remedies for dry skin during winters, which restores natural moisture for your skin keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Combating dry skin;

With honey

Honey is known to be a natural moisturizer for skin. It contains many beneficial antimicrobials to protect skin. It is a natural antioxidant for skin. It helps in restoring the skin moisture for keeping it healthy. This helps in gaining smooth and soft skin. It is also loaded with many healthy vitamins.

It can be used as a face mask. It’s viscous consistency can be applied best as a face mask. It works best when mixed with olive oil and beeswax.

With olive oil

Olive oil is very beneficial for healthy looking skin. It has fatty acids which maintain the bounciness of your skin; it has antioxidants that can soothe your dry, itchy skin.

 It can also be used as the body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, make a scrub with by olive oil with brown sugar and almonds and apply in a circular manner to get rid of the old flaky skin.

With yogurt

Yogurt is a highly hydrating food for skin and body, when applied directly to skin it restores the lost moisture making it more soft and smooth. It has anti-oxidants which help in preventing the damaging free radicals of your skin cells. The anti-inflammatory property reduces the itchiness of the skin.

It has a mild exfoliating property which enables you to get rid of dead skin cells. It also provides a bleaching effect when mixed with lemon restoring the skin glow.

Homemade remedies for dry skin With milk

Milk is full, of lactic acid which is an excellent natural skin exfoliator enabling the skin to restore its natural moisture. It is also anti-inflammatory which soothes your skin itchiness. Milk can also help in lightening your skin complexion.

It has a unique ability to remove dead skin and oil-soluble impurities which can block your skin pores.

With milk cream

Milk cream is extracted from milk, which is filled with lactic acid. Lactic acid has a property of skin exfoliation. It helps in maintain the skin pH level which preserves the smoothness and delicacy of skin. It is highly moisturized and oily in nature. It is best to be used for very dry skin; it regains moisture in no time. It has fat soluble enzymes which remove oil-soluble impurities, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. It should be best applied directly to your skin with a cotton pad for 15 minutes and then should be washed with Luke warm water.

Homemade remedies for dry skin With coconut oil you

It is with fatty acids which are excellent for restoring moisture. It also promotes blood circulation when massaged on skin. It has unique properties of antibacterial and anti-fungal agents. These agents help in protecting skin infections. It increases skin hydration by reducing water loss by locking in the natural moisture. It is a natural make remover which prevents over-drying and itchiness.

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