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Home Remedies for Achilles Tendon Pain

What is Achilles tendon pain?

Achilles tendon Pain is normally caused in the athletes and it happens because of the excessive walking and exercise. You feel swelling and pain on the back side of your heel. Your calf muscles are basically attached to the heel bone and this tendon is really essential in order to run, walk, jump, and stand. When you go through the continuous activity for a long period of time you have inflammation on your Achilles tendon. You can use simple treatments at home in order to remove the pain. If the pain does not go away with these remedies, then the consultation of doctor can be asked.

Stretching and resting

The main thing that should be done if you have this problem is to give your body complete rest. The physical activity should be reduced and you should make a shift to the other sports which are less straining. The stretching and resting technique also provides a lot of relief. You have to experience the gentle stretching of your muscles from time to time and then give your muscles rest. This will help to strengthen the muscles in your calf area. You can also put ice on the area after stretching it.

Prolotherapy treatment

This is basically the non-surgical way of reconstructing the tendons and regeneration of the joint injections. This is an orthopedic procedure which improves the healing process in the body and strengthens the connective tissues. The main advantage you can get through this is that the actual root cause of the problem is addressed. The natural phenomenon of healing your body is improved and new tissues are formed in the area which is weak. You have mild inflammation after inserting the injection but this will help in the growth of new fibers in the structure.

Healing diet

The main diet which helps in the healing process is the collagen. It helps to repair the damage in the tissues. Is there is any kind of gap in the joints and bones because of the pressure; it can be easily healed through this. You can get the right diet by having the fruits and other food items which contain omega 3 fatty acids. It includes the fish and flaxseeds. Also, the food which helps to reduce the inflammation is really important to eat. The aging effects are reduced by the essential minerals and vitamins.

Supplements to reduce inflammation

The supplements which are normally used in order to reduce the inflammation due to Achilles tendon pain are mainly the omega 3 fatty acids and bovine collagen. In addition to them, if you want to have natural supplements at home, they can be the ginger or turmeric. They work as excellent healing agents for the problem of inflammation. Another protein which is known by the name of bone broth protein is widely known to repair the tissues. Achilles tendon gets affected by excessive movements and the best solution to get rid of them is to have rest.

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